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Okay but what if we did “Storytime with Poli AND leafandrose”?


ブラッキーっぽいの by 汐っぽいの 

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dude, why are you wearing a table.

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Cilan and Burgundy’s careers as connoisseurs are extremely demanding, so it’s inevitable that when they get married, they have to stay in the city. Neither of them mind, but they try to get a house on the more suburban side, sort of where Georgia used to live with her parents.

Even so, they want to make their home a little more countryside-esque. When they first move in, they immediately begin planting all kinds of seeds and plants and as many flowerbeds they could get their hands on in the backyard. They make a beautiful walkway surrounded by colorful flowers on each side, which eventually curves and leads to their vegetable garden.

When their daughter Marie is around 3 or 4 or so, she loves helping out Cilan in the garden. Occasionally, she’ll turn on the hose to the wrong setting (the “jet” one that’s a little too strong) and winds up soaking both her and her father, but Pansage, not minding the water, smiles and immediately jumps to her aid. Little did they all know, Burgundy would watch from the kitchen window and chuckle to herself.

When Marie grows up, she takes it upon herself to take care of the garden without her parents’ help, and when she gets married, decided to ask her husband if they can plant their own as a way to remember her childhood and how she bonded with her dad and his pokemon.

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then and now

Headcanon: The Tobari/Veilstone brothers have an “intense eyebrow mode” which is basically like Mega Evolution, except it’s more like a mindset than physical strength thing. They have it on during Pokemon battles. Proof? Look at the photos #1 and #4 and compare it with #2 and #3

It’s activated by popping your collar.

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No but seriously, I should make a compilation for the amount of times I see the Cilan blogs reblog an “imagine your icon” or “imagine your favorite character” because it’s honestly hilarious imagining Cilan do all those things…


Dawn’s Poffins ^_^

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but ash being a parent warms my heart, just imagine

Ash being excited to show his kids the world of pokemon and it’s wonders.
Ash telling stories to his kids from his adventure days
Ash reenacting his gym battles for his kids 
Ash showing videos of the conference matches he has been
Ash letting his kids play with his pokemon
Ash getting his kids their first pokemon and maybe trying to get a pichu for them first
Ash encouraging his kids to never give up and do their best
Ash being an awesome role model for his kids
Ash being more excited for his kids to start their pokemon journey than the kids are
Ash bragging about his kids accomplishments to other people
Ash taking his kids to visit Delia and Prof. Oak
Ash meeting up with his friends and taking his kids along for playdates 

Ash being a parent

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Ash teaching Serena how to fish reminded me of Misty. I remember Ash telling Misty that fishing was boring (or something along those lines) in the episode in which he captures Tododile. Here he is now, teaching someone how to fish.

Yes! A very good point!

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Anonymous says: Oh! You're a Pokeshipper Poli? I've only been lurking here for a few weeks, but I honestly had not noticed yet. Guess I'm stupid. :P

No, you’re not stupid! Yes I love Pokeshipping! I just don’t talk about it as much as I used to…I should post about it more! =)

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The funniest thing is, I’m a huge Pokeshipper, but I’m also a bit of an Advanceshipper, Pearlshipper, Amourshipper, and even Negaishipper at certain times.

But so what if I like Geekchicshipping, Contestshipping, and Ikarishipping just because I like them, though? Why would people waste their time calling out Pokeshippers for their “keepaway ships” when they essentially do the same with theirs?

More so…why do you care

I know I may be notorious for my whole Sommelier/Wishful/Candycorn spiels from time-to-time, but I’ve learned one thing:

If you prefer a certain ship to another, stop wasting your time complaining about the other one- and the shippers for that one themselves- and just focus on your ship. Make up headcanons for them. Write stories about them. Draw, even if you have no artistic talent whatsoever like me. Build your own fanbase- NOT to spite your NOTP, but to just look at things you like and naturally draw others in.

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ash never thinks

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Oh, I think I’ll go look back at my old favorites on youtube because I want to see that one old video that I really use to lov—


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Headcanon: Cabernet may pass herself off to be more refined than she is, so she never lets slip that one of her favourite dishes is nothing more than steak stewers and fries coated in gravy. Even though when she orders to Chili, she gives him a wink as a signal, so when he arrives over with her food, he announces “here’s [the name of another dish], madam” and hands her what she wished for along.