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poli-swirl says: Gary, Misty, and an awkward first kiss. *is trash*


HELL FUCKING YEAH POLI *is also Ego trash*

I hope this is ok! 

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Great, now I’m in a huge Ikari mood…

Anonymous says: Do you have any sweet/sad Ikari headcanons?

Ooh! Wow I hardly get any asks like these! Thanks! =D



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Drew was a major figure in May’s development, Paul is what made Ash so great in DP and seeing them constantly dueling over ideals was brilliant, and now Shauna set Serena on the path to becomming a three dimensional character finally.

Rivals are very important to this series, like, VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT. I feel like we don’t mention that enough. 

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No but really there is SUCH a need for a Drew/Harley type to come into the show at this point.
That sort of dynamic worked so well in AG the the absence of it was one of the biggest problems with DP until Ursula came along (and even then she hardly had any screen time).

Serena’s had enough people complimenting her by now, it’s time for her to get a cute asshole boy rival to keep her on her toes for sure >:)

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Marina, the Pokemon Idol



I’ve noticed that a lot of Pokeani fans misunderstand Marina and what her goal was. A “Pokemon Idol”? What does that even mean?

To understand Marina, you need to understand Idols. In Japan, Idols (アイドル) are girls in their teens and twenties who work as entertainers. They sing, dance, participate in variety shows, and appear in magazines. Sounds fun, right?

So when it comes to being a Pokemon Idol, Marina does a really good job. She dances and comes up with attractive routines that she can perform with her Pokemon. She competes in Pokemon Super contests, which have a reputation for being flashy. She probably even does things like the Hearthome Collection, but that’s just a headcanon. Oh yeah, let’s not forget her magazine appearances!


And to top it all off, Marina has hardcore fans just like real idols do.

Dedicated idol fans are called Wota. You can think of Wota like Otakus, but instead of liking anime they like idols.
In the episode “Tanks for the Memories” we get to see two Wota for ourselves. And they’re Marina fans!


As silly as it was, this short cameo was great because it proved that Marina’s dream came true. When Idols first start out, their goal is simple: to be recognized and loved by many people. With a fanbase in Johto and in Sinnoh, Marina certainly achieved that. Congratulations, Pokemon Idol!

P.S. If anyone wants to learn more about idols, I am actually a super huge fan of them and I’d be happy to elaborate!

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I’d say it’s safe to assume that Serena being a Pokemon Preformer is pretty much confirmed, as I think she decided it when speaking with Shauna. I heard the word contests during Shauna’s explanation of them, so it seems like contests are entered, but they seem to be something different from coordinating contests—but perhaps they were influenced from them. Either way, these contests in XY seem to be heavily based off of ORAS contests, and the main difference between coordinating and preforming so far is that as a preformer when you do appeals and stuff you do them with your pokemon—battles don’t seem to be a part of it at this point, but I’d like to learn more and everything that comes along with entering these contests and the challenges you face when doing them and what you win in return.

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Bonnie’s fashion sense is top notch.

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Of course he would save her hat.

ash knows how important a hat is for anyone.

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Probably my new cover photo. I love these dorks so much

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So I decided to take another look at that shipping list, and I have discovered that there are 88 Pokemon ships that include Santa Claus. Some highlights include:

  • AlienSantaShipping - Santa Claus & Beeheeyem
  • ChristmasTimeInHellShipping - Santa Claus & Houndoom
  • ComingOutOfTheClausetShipping - Harley & Santa Claus
  • DrunkSantaShipping - Santa Claus & Burgundy
  • FabulousFestivitiesShipping - Drew & Santa Claus
  • FestiveAmourShipping - Ash, Santa Claus & Serena
  • GeorgianChristmasShipping - Don George, Santa Claus & Georgia
  • HeSeesYouWhenYou’reSleepingShipping - Conway & Santa Claus
  • HolidayHandcuffsAndWhipsShipping - Santa Claus, Officer Jenny & Jessiebelle 
  • It’sChristmasTimeShipping - Cilan & Santa Claus 
  • JingleBellRockShipping - Santa Claus & Roxie 
  • RobotSantaShipping - Clembot & Santa Claus
  • SandyClawsShipping - Santa Claus & Sandslash
  • YouBetterNotCryShipping - Santa Claus & Wilhelmina
  • YouBetterNotPoutShipping - Santa Claus & Elesa
  • YouBetterNotShoutShipping - Santa Claus & Exploud  

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Anonymous says: If it was a life and death situation and you could only save one which would you save: Burgundy or Poliwhirl?

Poliwhirl. B)

In the last second, Cilan would jump out of nowhere and swoop in to save Burgundy. <3

Like I said, shipper trash. ;*

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Headcanon that when Ash hosts parties for all of old friends, he always brings out his video game consoles. Maybe he sets up a giant Mario Kart tournament, or maybe he splits everyone into teams for a group game of Mario Party. I think Ash would be really fond of those types of games that are most fun with lots of people.

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