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I love being a fan of Dawn


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I haven’t known you for a long time, but I was flattered last year when you tagged me in one of those Q&A posts. I admit, I was a little flustered in admitting some of my religious/moral stances on some of those questions, but you not only agreed with some of my views but reassured me that my opinion was respected and I appreciate that SO much…

Other than that, you’re just about the sweetest! It’s funny because I don’t understand how a kind and genuine person like you can RP as one of the most obnoxious and snobbiest characters on Pokemon, but you do have a natural talent for being her! I’m glad our characters are good friends now; I’d been hoping they’d talk at some point! It’s been so much fun RPing with you and seeing some of your comments here and there on our regular accounts. I’ve always liked your url, too, btw! Yay for water-types! <3

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We don’t really talk that much on here but we’re both a part of the RP and it’s great seeing how much fun you have on there! I’ve definitely seen you around too so it’s safe to say we tend to run around in the same circles! I’ve seen many of your posts on here and I think you have put a lot of great thought into analyzing the anime, especially its characters. You have a special fondness for D/P and certain shippings within it, which is awesome, too! ^_^

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Anonymous says: I love your new theme!! it's so cute and beautiful *-*

Aw, thank you!!! <3

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Oh man I was going to do more Trip ships but I freaked out about my rough draft due tomorrow and didn’t do anything.  I have to get that in by 5pm.  4-5 pages at least.  I haven’t even looked up sources um………….bsing is hard I’ll just have to do my best to start immediately when I wake up!



You are to Pokemon Music what I am to Zelda Music.

It’s an unhealthy obsession. It’s gotten to the point of where I’ve tried playing a bunch of songs on piano and have desperately failed because I play by ear. I love piano covers and reorchestrated tracks though, too! Sometimes I feel like my love for the OST surpasses my love for the Pokemon characters…

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Oh no I suddenly thought of Paul rapping to the D/P rap again please help

I will always be a Pokemon music connoisseur. 

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From シトロンの日なのでシトロンと他ポケ絵まとめた by てむk

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…eee but thank you. Ugh the Pokemon themes one is so bad. I have to redo that. 

I did upload a couple on here, including Cilan’s theme, Meloetta’s theme and the chorus of Volt, buuuuut ugh no I messed up a bunch of times. I might consider redoing everything and eventually posting my stuff on here someday…

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poli-swirl says: I think Dawn's departure episode was just as emotional as Brock and Misty's.




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I’m strongly disagreeing in a way you might not be expecting—I strongly believe Dawn’s departure was more emotional than Brock and Misty’s. It’s, in my opinion, the best character send off in the entire series. It wrapped up Diamond and Pearl as a whole beautifully, and it even ended with Ash using Dawn’s catchphrase “no need to worry” or “it’s fine”.

Ash knows that Dawn is sad to be leaving them, and he’s sad too, but he knows that there isn’t any need to worry. He knows that he’s done what he can for Dawn, and Dawn’s done what she could for him—and because of that everyone will be just fine. It’s just a really beautiful ending to me. It wasn’t too much like Misty’s send off, and it wasn’t too little like May/Cilan/Iris. It was perfect in every way, and I’m not kidding when I say that I cry every time I watch it.


I was originally going to send you that I think Dawn’s is MORE emotional because I ACTUALLY DO THINK THAT but for some reason I got all afraid to say it so I said they were equal in my eyes but I sit on a throne of lies so I actually agree with everything you’re saying T_T

"but I sit on a throne of lies" - poli-swirl


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 Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in  Person B’s ear.

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Okay, I see you everywhere and we don’t talk and that’s not okay because you are SO COOL. I love all of your posts that have to do with Japanese culture being integrated into the Pokemon series and if I remember correctly, you inserted your two cents a few times back when Frozemon and PHS/SOMADILY were running pretty rampant and those comments were hilarious! I really think you oughta post some more because you have great input and on top of that you seem like a really sweet person! =)

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