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do you ever get that sick clenching feeling in your stomach when your friend does something super uncool? 

noodlerama replied to your post:undercityrezident said: Who made an appearance…

me and Suift were probably in a heated “who has the better fan art, Penguin or Pearl” debate


^Actual photo of my dream

undercityrezident said: Who made an appearance :P

Ironically- you, noodlerama, and suift-duroo. what a fabulous crowd

I can’t remember everything that happened, but we were all in some type of library and Noodle and Suift had this discussion about fanart and somehow you were there too adding in your two cents. xD


Unused scene from an early trailer of the movie Revelation Lugia/Pokémon The Movie 2000 - The Power of One (x)

Okay but just imagine all the crazy shit Barry and Cameron would get into if they were best friends.


Every year when the table tennis championships roll around, no matter where Dawn and Ash happen to be, they always make sure to watch on TV (even sneaking into the pokemon center lobby at night if in a different time zone). Sometimes they send little snacks like poffins or cards to Ambipom, and text each other during the matches with things like “DID YOU SEE THAT?” “SHE’S GOING ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP FOR SURE >:D”, as if they’re proud parents rooting on their child.

When the two are settled, they always make a trip out of it to come see Ambipom in person. They bring signs to hold up (and more of Ambipom’s favorite poffins Dawn had always made it!), and cheer and support her as she goes through the competition. Ambipom is always so thrilled to see them, and having their support gives her the extra boost to always do her best to show them everything they’ve done for her and give reason to always make them proud.

When she wins one year, the three have their picture taken together as she holds her trophy that they keep on their mantle.

For the Love of Water-Types

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